Megan E. O’Neil is Assistant Professor of Art History at Emory University and Faculty Curator in the Michael C. Carlos Museum. A specialist in ancient Maya and other ancient American cultures, she received her BA in Archaeological Studies from Yale College, an MA in Art History from the University of Texas at Austin, and a PhD in History of Art from Yale. One aspect of her research focuses on ancient Maya creation and interaction with stone sculptures. In her first book, Engaging Ancient Maya Sculpture at Piedras Negras, Guatemala (University of Oklahoma Press), and in multiple essays, Dr. O’Neil examines how the ancient Maya used sculptures to make contact with the past and how sculptures inspired reception and performance. She also published a revised edition of Maya Art and Architecture (Thames and Hudson), co-authored with Mary Miller. Formerly, she was Associate Curator in the Art of the Ancient Americas at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA), where she curated the exhibitions Revealing Creation: The Science and Art of Ancient Maya Ceramics and Forces of Nature: Ancient Maya Arts at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, which is touring in China. She also was the LACMA curator for City and Cosmos: The Arts of Teotihuacan and wrote for LACMA’s Found in Translation: Design in California and Mexico, 1915-1985. At Bard Graduate Center, Dr. O’Neil will return to her research on Maya monumental stone sculptures, specifically to work on her book manuscript, The Lives of Ancient Maya Sculptures, which explores ancient Maya practices of sculptural creation, resetting, destruction, burning, and burial.