Curatorial Practice and American Art at the Metropolitan Museum: A Chipstone Foundation-Bard Graduate Center Collaboration

Two curatorial departments at the Metropolitan Museum—the American Wing, and the Arts of conservation/reconstruction, publication, and dating, as well as unexcavated objects in museums and private collections. Students will engage in individual research projects relating to major burial and city sites such as the tombs of Hetepheres, Sithathoryunet, and Tutankhamun in Egypt, the sites of Ur, Troy, Hasanlu, Nimrud, and Babylon in the Near East, the Orientalizing tombs of Etruria, and sites in Greece and elsewhere; students’ research on the history of excavation and conservation at these sites will be presented to the group. Meetings are held with field archaeologists, conservators, curators, and technicians at the Metropolitan Museum of Art and other area institutions. The looting of ancient sites will be addressed in the context of scientific excavation, and a tour of antiquities in the Metropolitan Museum will end the course. 3 credits. Satisfies the pre-1800 or the non-Western requirement.